Bio with short statement:
Leonard Greco has had a successful career as a decorative painter and muralist for over 25 years. He is also a self-taught painter, “draw-er”, fiber artist  and printmaker who has been exhibiting his artworks in local and international group exhibitions since 2011.
Greco is a narrative figure painter who explores the extremes of human existence through the presentation of archetypal figures undergoing transformation and experiencing salvation, rebirth and enlightenment. The works are concerned with birth, life and death and present scenarios that document Greco’s experiences and passions. The paintings— self-contained narratives that draw from personal as well as universal themes— are painted in an illustrative while simultaneous expressionistic style that celebrates Greco’s facile hand and keen wit. Greco is an impeccable draftsman who can render as well as abstract his subjects when necessary in order to create the most responsive representation of his subjects.