Artist Statement


Artist Statement
I have been working as both a fine artist and decorative painter/muralist for over 25 years. While my commercial and artistic practices are separate entities, they are also connected. The skills I developed as a decorative painter have migrated into my paintings and drawings. In my personal work I explore the extremes of human existence through the presentation of archetypal figures undergoing transformation and experiencing salvation, rebirth and enlightenment. My paintings are self-contained narratives concerned with universal themes—birth, life and death— that stem from my personal experiences and passions. These include my love of world mythology, Roman Catholic saints, the Italian Renaissance and classical painters such as Nicholas Poussin as well as low brow erotica and Surrealism.
I paint in an illustrative and narrative style, realistically rendering my figures and settings so they are recognizable though I do not shy away from depicting my dreamscapes and other concoctions from my imagination. Sometimes my backgrounds gravitate toward more expressive abstractions. I am an avid reader and my interests in classical mythology, philosophy, fiction and poetry have influenced my art production. I began working with Meso-american narratives and motifs but my vocabulary and interests have broadened to include multiple archetypes that express feelings of loss, sacrifice, death and rebirth. In my work I am searching to find the divine in the everyday to show that all life, in all its incarnations is indeed sacred and beautiful.
I work slowly and diligently. It is a painstaking but highly rewarding process. Often, I begin by drawing. Drawing is an important part of my studio practice as it allows me to hone in on my skills and ultimately improves the paintings. My work is idiosyncratic and very personal. The paintings are metaphors that explore human relationships and interactions from myriad points of view and ultimately are about my understanding of my place in an ever-changing world.



  1. Dear Leonard,

    I know your inbox is probably a busy place, so I just wanted to send a quick follow-up email. May I send you some information about the New York exhibition opportunities and promotional services, offered by Agora Gallery? My original email is copied below for quick reference.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Best Regards,

    Roanna Cada
    Gallery Representative / Agora Gallery

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